About The Quality Treatment Of Nuts

The further optimization of the current product structure is an important strategic transfer for fastener companies at this stage. The gradual transformation of low-carbon steel hexagon nuts into mainly producing medium-carbon steel A194 2H-class nuts will enable the company to gain more profitable space. For this reason, the quality of nuts has higher requirement on the production process and preparation. Therefor, it is necessary to proceed the following aspects: the quality control plan and inspection specifications.


Firstly, the preparation before production.

Secondly, random inspection on production.

Thirdly, the final inspection afer delivery.

First of all, the pre-production preparation includes: related personnel,equipment status, mold equipment, production process, raw materials, etc.

However, it involves three major aspects: a, mold preparation; b, test method; c, the control of the production process which leads to higher requirements for these parts.

Firstly, focus on the mold preparation: from order to mold planing to production, we need to improve the mold equipment. We consider that the production supply will not be delayed by the production of the molds until the preparation is ready. This requires sufficient inventory to ensure this cycle time which is usually around 20-25 days.

Secondly, the inspection method; in this link, we should pay attention to the test of tools and methods. We know that the basic test tools includes vernier calipers, micrometers,thread gauges,Rockwell hardness machines, tensile testing machines, etc, most enterprises always choose the on-side inspection and random sampling inspection.

Finally, it is the control of the output process: appearance, method specifications, threading and mechanical properties. In order to ensure the use of the nuts, we should control the first three items, and the appearance can be completed by visual inspection. In order to control the accuracy of the internal thread, it is necessary to make inner diameter lubrication plug gauge. Each set of inspectors and operators can easily check out the standardized nut; It also relies on manufacturing precision of the molding mold and the adjustment of the order pressure in production to ensure that.The requirements for mechanical properties depend on raw material completion and heat treatment, and we often neglect the most important element-the cultivation of the nature of workers.

Post time: Sep-06-2021