China Fastener Online Exhibition

The world has entered the era of epidemic disease, and international import and export trade is facing increasing uncertainties which makes the situation more complex. China’s fastener industry export is still facing great pressure. In this situation,“cloud exhibition” and“cloud procurement”mode is imperative.

In order to assist enterprises to accurately determine the development situation of fastener export trade in 2021, to enable fastener enterprises to effectively explore the global fastener market and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of foreign with various policy tools; “2021 China Fastener Online Export Exhibition”will be inaugurated on July21,2021 which was sponsored by Haiyan county people’s government, Haiyan business bureau and Haiyan country fastener chamber of commerce, this online exhibition is willing to help all fastener enterprises negotiate online business and explore overseas markets.

China Fastener Online Exhibition achieved a successful effect in 2020, it had over 75,132 visitors, 557712 exhibition times, 5376 buyers participating and 15,536 pieces of exhibits. It matched Chinese enterprises with more than 200 businessmen from 73 countries such as The United States, Britain, Japan, Germany, Italy, Russia, Bulgaria, Spain, India, etc.

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2021 China Fastener Online Exhibition is coming soon, there will be more than 2000 global purchasers and more than 300 exhibitors gathered online. It will make full use of 17 years’ experience in B2B platform and 12 years’ experience in Shanghai Fastener Exhibition to help all Chinese fastener enterprises to break through the global market , seize the new opportunities of export sales and establish a new channel to expand overseas market.

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This exhibition is not only a business platform , all exhibitors can flex their muscles on this exhibition , through 1v1 matching meeting , enterprise live broadcast, cloud view factory and other activities. The live broadcast can independently show the strength of the enterprise, screen to screen live broadcast communication which can make customers know about the enterprise and enhance brand awareness. Cloud view factory can show the modern , high-standard, large-scale production workshop.

It sure is a cloud exhibition of fastener enterprises including display ,negotiation, communication and learning.

Post time: Sep-06-2021