The Connection Method and Application of Bolts

Bolt connection is one of the commonly used connection methods in mechanical engineering, which achieves the stabilization and connection of parts by tightening the bolts and nuts together. The characters of bolt connection are the repetition application, disassembly, and excellent rigidity, making them widely used in engineering design. This news will introduce several common types of bolt connections and their applications.
1.Connection of threads and bolts

The connection between thread and bolt is the most common method, which tightly connects the bolt and nut through the friction force of the thread. This connection has the characteristics of simple structure and high reliability, and is suitable for the fixation and connection of various mechanical equipment, such as automobiles, ships, airplanes, etc.

2.Locking bolts connection

The connection of locking bolts has added a locking device on the basis of threaded bolt connection. It increases the tightening force of the connection and improves the anti loosening ability of the bolt through locking devices such as spring washers and spring rings. This connection type is suitable for situations where there is a high demand for connection tightening force, vibration resistance, and anti loosening ability, such as machine tools, motors, pressure vessels, etc.

3.Expansion bolts connection

This method utilizes an expansion sleeve to achieve stabilization and connection. It fastens the parts by installing an expansion sleeve in the hole and then tightening the bolts to expand the sleeve. Expansion bolt connection is suitable for thin-walled materials, such as steel structures, concrete structures, etc.
4.Bolt pin connection

Bolt pins are used to connect objects that require frequent disassembly. Its principle is to combine bolts and pins, and connect the bolts and objects through the fixation of the pins. Bolted pin connections have the advantages of easy disassembly and are widely used in fields such as machinery and automobiles.

5.Anchor bolt connection

This connection method embeds bolts into concrete or rock and achieves stabilization and connection by fixing sleeves and nuts. Anchor bolt connection is suitable for concrete or rock, such as bridges, large mechanical equipment, etc.

The correct selection and use of bolt connections can not only ensure the stabilization of parts, but also improve the reliability and safety of mechanical equipment. There are many ways to connect bolts, and different types of bolt connections are suitable for different applications. When purchasing fasteners, we need to choose the appropriate product based on the actual situation.

Post time: Aug-01-2023