Analysis Of Fastener

1.The production of fasteners is increasing steadily in China
In the past 30 years, with the rapid development of metallurgical industry, mechanical industry and electronic industry , it has driven the upgrading of global fastener products and the continuous progress of fastener industry. Since the beginning of our national tran-century projects, such as west-east gas transmission, south-north water transfer , high-speed railway and west-east power transmission, Our domestic automobile, machinery, home appliances, shipbuilding, transportation and other industries have continued to grow, and the huge demand for production and construction is driving the substantial growth of the fastener industry.

2.The demand of fastener is increasing year by year in China.
Fasteners are widely used in all kinds of machinery, equipment, vehicles, ships, railways, bridges, buildings, structures, tools, instruments and other fields, and fasteners are closely related to the development of equipment manufacturing industry. Automobile is the largest application field of fasteners, accounting for 23.2%, then the maintenance industry and construction industry is accounting for 20%, the third market is the electronics industry which is accounting for 16.6%. All kinds of mechanical and electrical products,all large, medium and small projects ,not only need a large number of fasteners in the initial installation and initial construction, but also need in the long-term operation of all equipment and all kinds of projects, the number of fasteners required for regular and irregular maintenance and repair according to the design provisions is also vast, it is generally several times the amount of initial installation and initial construction.

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3.The competition is fierce in the middle and low-end market , while the competition is insufficient in the high-end market.
Although the rapid development of household appliances industry, electric power industry, transportation and other industries and many extra-large projects urgently need all kinds of fasteners; However, in the high-end market, such as the high strength fastener market used in the automotive, aerospace industry and other industries, only a few domestic enterprises are engaged in the business because of the weak research and development capacity and low level of process and equipment of most domestic enterprises, so they still have to rely on imports for a long time.

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Post time: Sep-06-2021