The Usage of Expansion Bolts

Expansion bolts are used frequently in our daily life and can be used to fasten various tools. However, if some people do not understand the correct operating procedures and are unable to use them correctly, it will not achieve the expected use effect. So how to use expansion bolts properly?

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Ⅰ、How to use expansion bolts

1.First of all, we should choose a drilling bit suitable for bolts to drill holes on the wall, and the depth of the hole should be consistent with the length of the bolt. It is necessary to ensure that the holes are punched on a hard wall or object when installing and it is not sutable if the wall is relatively soft, especially in the gaps. At this point, if there is dust and debris inside the hole, we need to clean it up to ensure that the screw can expand normally.

2.Then embed the expansion bolts into the hole. At this time, we are not in a hurry to unscrew the nut. In order to prevent the entire screw from falling into the hole, it is necessary to place the screw kit together with the nut.

3.Next, after ensuring that the expansion screw kit is secure, remove the nut, align the object to be fixed on the wall with the expansion screw, and then tighten the nut to fix it.

In daily use, the expansion tube of the expansion screw is generally installed in the wall, because the deeper the expansion tube enters the wall, the more stable the structure of the expansion screw will be. In addition, in order to make the drilled hole more suitable for expansion screw, it is better to ensure that the depth of the hole is approximately 5mm larger than the expansion tube, and the outer diameter of the hole is about 4mm larger than the expansion tube, so that the expansion screw can be installed more smoothly.

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Ⅱ、What is the specification of expansion bolts

1. We use “m” to represent the characteristics of different threads, and there will also be different markings based on the diameter of the thread. For example, there is a type of thread that is 14 millimeters, denoted by m14, or m16, and so on.

2. The most important thing about expansion screws is its thickness, which can determine its tightness. It cannot be purchased if the hand can directly pinch the expansion bolt, and the tightening ability will be relatively poor.

The above details are about how to use expansion bolts correctly and what we need to pay attention to in the process of use.

Post time: Jul-25-2023